CAM post processing

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It would be so amazing if Shapr3D can have a CAM processor built into it similar to Fusion360. I used to use F360 but it turned into an untameable beast.

I have yet to find a CAM system which is user friendly, intuitive, enjoyable to use and functional without death-by-features. I feel that given how amazing the UX is on Shapr it would be unreal if you can embed this functionality into your software.

This will enable us to create gcode for laser cutting, plasma, CNC (multi axis even better) and 3d printing.

I love using Shapr and am a complete convert having previously been ProE, Solidworks, Fusion360 and now this. Cannot begin to imagine how epic it would be to have this functionality. Can then bin all the frustrating, hair-pull-inducing CAM software and have one unified piece of software. Pretty please.

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Thank you for the kind words! :slight_smile: I can absolutely understand your frustration with the status quo of CAM systems. This is something that’s certainly on our radar, but not in the near future.

After giving up on Fusion360, what are you using right now for CAM purposes?

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Thanks for your response! So I’m using Kiri:Moto at the moment. I’m a high school teacher of design and technology and my main priority is that software is intuitive for students to learn. So far they love Shapr3D especially on the iPad because it ‘just works’. F360 was sort of okay but the learning curve was too steep.

The most amazing thing is seeing students seeing their own CAD model becoming a physical artefact. Unfortunately this hurdle is not easily overcome due to the CAM processor issue!

So happy to hear that’s on your collective radar though, will look forward to hearing updates as and when :slight_smile:


Please push CAM to the top of your todo list!!!

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Hi - I know I am late to this conversation but if you are looking for a easy to use CAM software try out Meshcam. I have been using it in conjunction with Shapr 3D just over a year now, it’s not as powerful as others but it is super intuitive and really simple to generate g-code for CNC, you’ll want the Pro version which gives you access to all the toolpath types it offers, it cost just $ 500 once off for life…