Please add CAM

Please. Please. Please. Please add CAM to Shapr3D!


Please, please, please, please - or recommend mac software which works well with DXF format by shaper 3d


+1 here. Mac CAM tools are awful. iPad CAM tools are non-existant.

FYI Pieter1, your best option is Fusion 360. It’s clunky, slow, and kludgy, but it does work. You can get a part made. 2nd best option is MeshCAM. It also works, but the toolpath options are limited.


That would be great indeed! However, if this happens, it won’t happen in the short term though. We might consider integrating directly with 3rd party CAM systems earlier.


If Shapr3D is to be a serious engineering tool you need to incorporate CAM sooner than later. I for one would pay a little extra for CAM.


The only reason to model an object is to realise it in the real world and Sharpr3D just falls short. Not everything in the world can be 3D printed and traditional CAM is far from dead and if you guys are serious at making this a true engineering tool you need to step into the dark side


Which CAM are you using currently?

Fusion 360

How would a direct integration vs importing to Fusion make your workflow easier?

I don’t want to pay a monthly subscription for CAD software, and then a second monthly subscription for software that can do CAD/CAM. If Shapr3D doesn’t get into the CAM game soon, I’ll bite the bullet learn fusion and cancel my Shapr3D subscription.

I’ve grown to love shaper3D’s straightforward approach to CAD. I imagine that Shapr would apply this same philosophy to CAM. Right now I’m using MeshCam, which is not great

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Got it! Thank you for your feedback.

Please do NOT add CAM into Shapr3d. If I want a huge do-it-all application, I can simply get Fusion360 (as a matter of fact, I do use it) or other specialized applications. Shapr3d’s strength is not the ability to do everything.

If there is any sensible demand for CAM, I can imagine a separate application, that works next to Shapr3d.


Shapr3d currently bills itself as a manufacturing, engineering, and design tool. Without CAM, parametric design, and digital simulation, it’s just a design tool. I am not alone in this request. Many of us on this forum have asked for parametric design and CAM. The Shapr3D parametric design bata is fantastic. The next big update should be CAM.

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Normally, I would agree with you. However, if you have a CNC machine with a 4th or 5th axis, you have to pay for a regular subscription to Fusion 360 to be able to machine using those extra axes.

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+1 CAM Please!

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My 2 cents: it wouldn’t. Fusion 360 is awful to use. To be clear, it’s not that Fusion 360 CAM doesn’t work. It does - I make parts with it all the time. But it is terrible to use: meaning slow, kludgey, buggy, crashy, awkward, messy, has a lot of friction in the UI. All these flaws cost us time and money when making parts. The request is for you to give us a CAM tool that is as good to use as your CAM tool - i.e. smooth, easy and lower friction. I think you’ll find that’s the reason people are attracted to Shapr3D.

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I’m with you, Cam would help me justify renewing my S3D subscription. My boss constantly tells me that S3D is a waste of time an money. I’d love to prove him wrong one day.

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Agree 100%. My understanding is plasticity is going to implement a camp solution with their 2.0 release in Q2 FY24.

Huh? i find fusion works very well. Runs smoothly even with HUGE assemblies with many parts that are referenced from other files/models.

Now there are some things that can bugger htings up… like changing something way back in the history… or hcanging a parametric dimension will make even the best pc think for a moment. But generally the software runs well. Dont blame the software because your work pc is out of date or bloated and not optimized.

People change their oil… put new spark plugs in… change the plug wires… have the valves laah ran… and all the maintenance that goes with their vehicle over time… but expect their computer to just run flawlessly under the most demanding considerations while never being optimized, or wiped clean for a fresh start, and god forbid they blow the 3mm of dust out of it,

Now… on topic… adding cam to shapr doesn’t mean it has to make it slow or less intuitive. It very well could be added as a “seperate” program but it is seamlessly integrated so as if you never left the shapr3d umbrella. You finish your model… its saved… you click a drop down menu, select cam, and it fires up another window that your project appears in and ready for you to define the required parameters. I think some of you hate other companies so much, that you have become blind. I find this very odd considering what most people in this space are… creative makers… designers… engineers… and you all seem like you just cant possibly allow shapr to improve itself or add a feature in fear it would remind you of the other guys at any moment.

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I have a 3Axis and a 4axis cnc. I have tried several CAD softwares and from my experience this is the easiest and most cool designer tool i have use so far.You literally make everything BUT without a CAM is pain in the ass.
I have never tried or export any files for CAM software because i am just bored of the hustle try and error see how it works etc etc.
But if i had a simple toolpath-cam tool i believe i would just skip everything i do.
Please make a CAM for this masterpiece you have created
PS:A very simple and trully the easiest toolpath cam software used to be the ARTCAM(its not available after 2017 i think).
NEED CAM GUYS :smiley:

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