A plea for a CAM / toolpath solution

I’d like to make a plea to the developers of Shapr3D to give us some sort of CAM solution. Pretty please?

You’ve done such a wonderful thing for us Apple users, and freed us from the tyranny of bad CAD options. Finally, software that works, as it should, on an Apple platform, leveraging its strengths. Not some half-baked cross-platform or cloud-based garbage that is barely usable. Great job, team Shapr3D. I’m so grateful that I purchased a year’s subscription, to support further development, even though I don’t plan to use it. And here’s why…

Many of us use CAD so that we can actually make objects in the real world using CNC machines. Many of us are not professional machinists, or large companies. Many of us are small business owners or craftsmen who need an affordable solution. As long as Shapr3D is CAD only, we have to use some other software for CAM. And, of course, the only software situation more miserable than CAD in the Apple universe is CAM in the Apple universe. The options are terrible. So, we are left in a situation like this: buy a subscription to Fusion 360, or a subscription to Fusion 360 and a subscription to Shapr3D. You see the problem, I’m sure. We really can’t afford both, and we HAVE to have CAM.

So, I would just like to make a plea to the Shapr3D team to give us some sort of CAM solution. You’ve freed some CAD users. Please free those of us that use CAD to make things too.



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Totally agree the only reason to model an object is to realise it in the real world and Sharpr3D just falls short. Not everything in the world can be 3D printed and traditional CAM is far from dead and if you guys are serious at making this a true engineering tool you need to step into the dark side