Can no longer "Share with..."

So, I’ve read a few posts similar to mine and the solution was to reset the iPad. If I need to reinstall the Shapr3d app, how can I back up all my files.

Is there a fix being worked on? I know from what little I did read, you folks weren’t able to replicate the problem in house. If you guys haven’t already, can you make and save a lot of designs and see if that’s what’s causing it?


You can go to each design and export it as a Shapr3D file, and save it to Files. It takes a bit of effort if you haven’t done this all along. For each design I want to keep, I save to files. This makes them available on any iOS device.

A bit of a drag, but I suppose it’ll force me to cull the files I don’t need. Any idea on not being able to “Share with…” anymore?



There is no fix for the issue from app side, as it’s a known OS level bug. We can only hope that Apple fixes it, maybe in iOS 15.

You can either use @McD 's method, or create a backup to your mac, and use that after the reset to get everything back.

Hey, Laci.

What’s the bug? This is pretty stupid though.


“Share with” tends to break time to time, not just in Shapr but in other apps too. There is no fix way to reproduce it (as far as we know), it also happened some of us. OS update usually helps, but in some cases, not.