I'm not able to export anything!


I have a problem with the “export”-function of Shapr3D.
I am not able to export anything but pictures like .png files.

When I try to export the body I choose the format (like .stl,.step etc…),give the file a name and then try to share it. After clicking on “share” a little windows pops up where normally AirDrop, Messenger, “Save in files”, etc. would be located. But since yesterday evening this little pop up is just empty…
It doesnt matter if I take a different design, a different, file-format, or if I use the drag-and-drop function to save it as a S3D-file.Nothing works.
Also the software becomes extremely laggy, choppy and unresponsive. I have to close it down and start it again so that it runs smooth again.

I’ve already tried the following:
-updated the iOS via iTunes
-restarted the iPad
-Hard Reset
-Reset of all settings
-uninstalling and reinstalling Shapr3D
-deleting all files which I exported from Shapr3D

I dont really know what to do a this point. The app has become unusable - sadly, because I really like this software.

What can I do?

Sorry for my bad English, its not my mothertongue.

Thanks in advance for any help! :slight_smile:


So I made a backup of my system and reset it to factory-settings.
It seems to be working right now.

I’ll update if this should change again!

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Hi @d0ne Welcome to the Form😎
Glad to hear you resolved your problem.
Before taking the steps described I would suggest Properly Closing S3D and then Restarting it again.
Alternatively Close/Power Down the Pad and then Restart it.

Happy S3Ding :sunglasses: