Can not login anymore after last update

It is no longer possible for me to login after the last update . This is what I get back .

If you already have that email in use - you can ask for a forgotten password for it. Would that be a solution?

I can not ask for a forgotten password and I know the password , but when I enter it this is the only pop up I get. I might be related to the fact that I have used shapr also on my second ipadpro, but over there I am logged out.

This is the only pop up I am getting, I can not click on anything else.

Hi - oh - this is an interesting case. We have two options here to solve the situation quick

1- we can delete your current email account and you can signup with that again. - realized it is not a possibility now, as you have 2 accounts

2- You sign up with another email address

Sorry about the experience

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Thank you , That worked .