Can’t sign in on app

This app is really starting to piss me off. I go to my iPad and it for whatever reason logged me out. So I type my password in and get the “wrong password bs” so I provide my email to get a link to reset it through the app. Annnnnnnnd no email ever comes. So I go to my phone and do it from their website. “Can’t change password to your current password” ok, so I make a new one. Go to the app and still can’t sign in!. WTF!?

Hi @MySucio, sorry to hear that. Can you please tell me what email address you have registered your Shapr3D account with? If you do not wish to share it publicly, please send us an email to, I’m sure we can find a solution.

Hi @MySucio,

It can be confusing but your Shapr3D app account and forum account are not the same. Is it possible that you are trying to log in to the app with your forum account?