Can S3D offer image referencing for tracing?

Does S3D offer this feature?

Basically, this feature offered by this app:

I would not call the drawing approach a feature. But you can do a similar type of drawing (with more ease/precision using the Apple Pencil) by drawing blocks and other polygon figures and deforming their sides.

I have not tried an animal figure but once did a knife holder with a similar technique.




Appreciate the response.

You traced an image for the knife holder?

I need to trace an image. If S3D can do that… I’m golden!

Hi, this can be approached differently in the app. You use the image as a reference to trace your sketch instead of tracing with a solid body and afterward generate the body from the sketch.

You insert an image, reduce the image opacity, and then use the image as a reference for drawing your sketch as shown in the video below:


Thank you brotha - this is exactly what I needed.

Much appreciated. Super dope this technology exists on my iPad. We really are in the future.