Creating Tech Drawings

Hey guys,

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada! :slight_smile:

I’m working on making tech drawings with Shapr3d this weekend and I’m wondering if there is a more efficient method to work with?

Here is an example of a BODY:

Here is the projected body onto a plane as a SKETCH with dimensions:

Here is the COMPOSITE I made in photoshop using the two images:

So while this method does work, it’s time consuming and fussy. I’d like to be able to take screenshots of the body with the required dimensions without having to move to photoshop. Is this possible?



Yes I agree. I am having the same issues.

Hey Drake - no, not possible yet. One of our top prios though.

Your solution looks great - this is the best I can recommend atm. (maybe use apps like Graphic to stay on your iPad :slight_smile: )

Ok thanks.