Can we have a special category for architecture?

Whils Shap3D is a very powerful CAD program, it wasn’t developed just for Architectural CAD, but initially and perhaps even now for engineering purposes. Can we have a special category for architecture so that some of the things we like to do in architecture can be posted there?

Nobody will scold you for posting architectural creations or questions about your workflow here – many people did in the past. In many cases, we’ll be able to help. But you are right, though: Shapr3D is primarily designed to create manufactured products, so there’s going to be some inherent limitations when it comes to architectural design.

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I use it for Interior Design Detailing of Elements within the space. I just hope you all at Shapr3D do keep it broad, so the tool can be used in many different areas like Architecture etc.

I am patiently awaiting being able to add my own materials - I have a job now that has crocodile leather pattern on it as was laughing to my self about how I’m not going to be able to find that.

But if this is still a way off can you at least add more materials, plywood, OBS, gypsum board, more metals, more woods etc so I / we don’t have to grumble too much.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for getting back to me. Will it be possible to start a category on Architecture, though? It will help us save time wandering around the site.

Very best, boonlay.