Shapr 3D vs CAD software

Hello everyone,

I’m a industrial designer and I use mainly Solidworks at my work and at home for my own designs. Productivity with software is very low even if your an expert in using it daily.
Shapr3D seems to boost productivity and have more flexibility in designing parts and assemblies, than any other CAD software that I came across with (solidworks, onshape, catia V5 &6, NX,etc…).
I wish to switch to shapr3d in a near futur for my own designs (leaving solidworks for my job), but I haven’t found an answer to my question in the forum threads: is shapr3d able to design faster and as accurately but with more flexibality than solidworks?

Hi Arno,

It really depends on your needs. Shapr is quite different from SolidWorks, and with the next major release it will become a very capable and robust modeling tool. However there are some limitations currently, eg. we don’t have assemblies and surface modeling, however, hopefully both are going to be added in 6-12 months.
For users like @roboticshobbyist Shapr is already a full solution (actually we are very impressed how he is using the app), for other users it’s more like an extension to their existing toolchain. But it is getting more and more capable every week.

Thanks Roboticshobbyist for your reply!
Just had at a look on your creations and its really amazing! Seems to me now that shapr3D is a good candidate for my use; I design homebuilt aircraft and my design process is to start from an “empty shell” (external dimenions and shape-fuselage, wings,etc…- and fill it in with all the necessary components. Solidworks “design way” is too closed CAD software ; have to know how before you start designing which tools and order you are going too use them…Arrgghh! Just a pain in the a*** for me.

Thank you for your fast reply Istvan! Thank you for the link, it’s really amazing what can be done with your software.

I do believe that Shapr3D will be the next step in CAD design. To me, today CAD software are too archaique and there is a need for higher productivity softwares.

I’m definitively convinced now to switch to Shapr3D. Hope to use it one day as my regular CAD software at my job :yum:

For what you’re doing I think the main question you’d need to ask yourself is whether you must have parametric capability or not.

Hi Gerald, yes your question is important.
I need parametric capabilities but not ones that lock your design process because you didn’t follow “the right way”.