Can we turn off history based work flow?

Is there a way of turning off the history based interface? It’s glitchy AF when you have gotten used to the previous work flow.

Ie, I duplicate something I’m working on, make some changes, decide I like the new one and delete the old, which results in it all being deleted. So now I have to keep every thing I work on because the history workflow will delete everything if I delete anything?

I’m not interested it completely relearning a program every time the devs decide to change everything on a whim. I just want to switch my files back to the way they were

Create an unlinked copy instead of a linked copy.

So how do I create from sketches and be able to delete sketches? As I’m loosing boorleens when I wipe out sketches as well.

By merging the history and selecting the “delete all sketches” option.

I am trying to delete all now as the file sizes are getting out of control with the infinite history. Is there a way to erase all history? I’m working wilt large sculpts, so it is clogging the files up.

Yes, what I said in the comment above. Merging the history means deleting it.

Yep just worked out how to do that after deleting a heap in another file, working out it was wrong, the program crashing and ruining the file. Now to try and save the file on the computer instead if I can get it to open…