SVG file exports for Shaper Origin

In July David R. requested including the SVG file format as a possible export option. I make the same request. I am using the Shaper Origin AR controlled router (it is amazing by the way).
SVG files control the operation. At this point I have to use Adobe Fusion 360 on the desktop to convert a dxf file created by Shapr3D into an SVG file. It would be much more elegant and efficient to use Shapr3D directly. Another use case for Shapr3D, iPad to project without leaving the shop.

Thank you for your time.
Shapr3D is still fantastic in any case.


Hi, thanks for your feedback. It’s part of our focus this year to support more formats and hopefully SVG will be supported as well.
Thanks for your understanding and I will pass on your feedback to our product team.


I also use the Shaper Origin in my shop. Having the Shapr3D on the iPad in the shop is really nice. I do a lot of design build in my shop, and having the ability to change/add to a design while working on it is really nice.
I also am a lot more comfortable with a pencil in hand.


I also am using Shaper Origin and I just learned about the Shapr3d and I’m loving it so far but also look forward to easily sending files from iPad to Shaperhub. As it is how would I go about making the Shapr3d drawings into SVG?
Thanks for any help✌️

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Autodesk Fusion 360 was suggested by Shaper Origin as a design application. I was put off by the price of an annual subscription and having to learn yet another desktop application. I am very happy with using Shapr3D on the iPad for my design work. That being said it is possible to install a free version of Fusion 360 and as I am not actually using it for any of the actual design work, I feel I am well within the requirements for it’s use. Fusion 360 can open dxf files, which can then by saved as an SVG file using the Shaper Origin add-in for Fusion 360.

So my process is to design in Shapr3D. Draw a sketch of the design and export as a DXF file (include dimensions is checked). I use the drag and drop feature to put the file in a directory on iCloud. Oddly Shapr3D creates the filename as XXX.dxf.stl, I merely remove the .stl after export on my mac and it works fine.

Open the DXF file in Fusion 360. I watched the videos in the Designing for Origin: Fusion 360 section the Tutorials Tab of the Resources section of the ShaperTools website to get just the basics of using Fusion 360. Much of it you can ignore as you will be designing in Shapr3D and not Fusion 360. The video does helpfully describe what you see in Fusion 360 and includes a link for the export add-in.

Select and extrude all of the elements of the design and create a new body in Fusion 360, similar to creating a body in Shapr3D. What is extruded is the design, anything not selected will disappear. You will then use the Shaper Origin add-in as described in the video to export an SVG file that the tool can use. I go to ShaperHub in the ShaperTools website and upload the generated SVG file to “My Origin Files” and the tool handles the rest.

Keep in mind that the SVG file is basically just like a flat sketch. What you will end up with is positive and negative spaces on the Shaper Origin screen. Areas that you with cut around the outside or inside of etc. You only get one shot in Fusion 360, once you extrude, everything not selected goes away. I have had to go back into Shapr3D sometimes to rework something that doesn’t quite work pan out in the final Shaper Origin tool path. Then re-export and open, extrude in Fusion 360 and resave. A bit of a pain, so a thorough thinking of your design up front in terms of how the tool paths work is key.

This kludge works but native SVG exports from Shapr3d will be VERY nice. Good luck!


I thought it might be something klunky like that. I may just cancel the Shapr3d pro thing and wait until they have a better option. I was hoping there might be something easier.
Thanks :pray:

I use Shaper Origin as well as laser cutting and CNC plasma cutting. Each of these require SVG file formats. Please prioritize this export functionality. This program is phenomenal, but is missing this key ability.


just adding another request for this functionality, please add it!

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I’ll add my voice here as well, SVG would be really great! I design the objects I want in Shapr3D, but I’d love to be able to export an SVG so I can laser cut templates to use with a router. I tried exporting as DXF but for some reason Inkscape doesn’t seem to be able to import the files correctly. SVG would help a lot here!


I also add a voice to have svg implmented. Why is this so hard to implement?

Hey @Kvapil,

It’s not hard but we receive literally thousands of feature requests. We are trying to make our users happy, but we have to prioritize as we have a finite amount of software engineers and product managers.


I’m also a Shaper Origen owner with little previous experience with design software. I stumbled on Shapr3D looking for design software that wasn’t completely overwhelming to learn. So far I absolutely love it. Being able to export to SVG would be fantastic. Frankly you guys should explore collaborating with the guys from Origen. Integrating access to their Shaper Hub directly from within Shapr3D to import and export projects would be mind blowing. You’d be able to design something, send it to Shaper Hub, share it with the community and access it directly from Shaper Origen without ever leaving your bench. You’re both doing pretty innovative stuff, seems like a natural partnership. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that so many Shaper owners have also ended up being Shapr3D users.


Hello Istvan.

Thanks for replying. Send me a login to the dist and all add it for free :sweat_smile:.

Just kidding. But I’d appreciate if svg would pop up.

På 29 november 2020 till 23:51:13, Trey via Shapr3D forums ( skrev:

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I think Inkscape on a PC or Mac will import DXF and export to SVG, so you could export as DXF from Shapr3D and convert using Inkscape.

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Another very simple local iPad option is TinkerCAD.
see the thread SVG Export local alternative

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Is there any development around Shapr3D going to support SVG files?

We’re working on a pretty big release at the moment which we are super focused on (hints coming real soon😜), but SVG export will be one of the very next things we will add right after.


Now, I am excited.

Great news! Just knowing this capability will actually be coming at some point is splendid.

Get ready for many Shaper Origin customers, as this will be a natural fit for them. I plan to post in their forum extensively when I can show them what will be possible.

Keep up the good work!


just adding myself as another origin owner looking for the svg export. thanks for the great work!

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