SVG file exports for Shaper Origin

In July David R. requested including the SVG file format as a possible export option. I make the same request. I am using the Shaper Origin AR controlled router (it is amazing by the way).
SVG files control the operation. At this point I have to use Adobe Fusion 360 on the desktop to convert a dxf file created by Shapr3D into an SVG file. It would be much more elegant and efficient to use Shapr3D directly. Another use case for Shapr3D, iPad to project without leaving the shop.

Thank you for your time.
Shapr3D is still fantastic in any case.


Hi, thanks for your feedback. It’s part of our focus this year to support more formats and hopefully SVG will be supported as well.
Thanks for your understanding and I will pass on your feedback to our product team.

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I also use the Shaper Origin in my shop. Having the Shapr3D on the iPad in the shop is really nice. I do a lot of design build in my shop, and having the ability to change/add to a design while working on it is really nice.
I also am a lot more comfortable with a pencil in hand.

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