I select a Planar Surface,add a circle, and try to Extrude. Does not work

I have a pyramid shaped tower with top cut off and flattened in order to build a customer an object to hold his radio tuner modules in (commonly nicknamed “Birdshots”, since they look about the size of shotgun shell’s).

The problem I have is selecting one of the faces of the 10 degree angled sides to “Sketch to Face”. No problem there. I sketch 5 circles 31.5mm each staggered upon the face. Then I go to 3D view and try to extrude them deep enough into the body to hold the Birdshot’s.

This is where the problem occurs. When I select any circle to extrude a cut into the body with, I am only getting broken parts of a circle…not a whole circle itself. (like on one, I get about 2/3 of a complete circle to cut into the body…not a whole circle). Others are worse with only a couple fractions of a circle. I have tried workarounds to no avail.

What am I missing here?

For the record, I studied FreeCAD for months, and decided there is no “Free Lunch”. You get what you pay for. And I am completely star-struck of the ease of use of Shapr3D. Worth every penny in lost design time on projects that I spend days trying to build with FreeCAD.

Thanks in advance,
Callsign NK5Q (Ham Radio Operator)


Can you please upload some screenshots or even the Shapr3D design? That would provide some more context for the issue.