Cannot Fill Sheet Body

Hello! I am new to 3d modeling and 3d printing and am trying to make my dad a 3d model of our favourite mountain to ski at for christmas. I downloaded the sheet body from a website online called Terrain2STL and of course I cant print a sheet body, so I am trying to convert it into a solid body for printing. If someone could help me out that would be great! thanks!

Good Morning Cam
You can close the model very easy in Cinema4D.

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Is this helpful?

Thank you very mutch, thats cool.

Unfortunately, whenever I use this tool, it always gives me a sheet. When I upload it into cura it still shows up as a sheet and not a filled body. So, it doesn’t recognize it as a body and I am un able to print.

Thank you! I will try to look up some tutorials on there!

Hello Cam

Hello Cam Send me your model in document format object and stl to Then I try to close the floor in Cinema4D. I will send the model back to you tonight. Best regards Robert