Creating a solid from imported IGS sheet model

I have imported a head model from a 3d website that I’m looking to get 3d printed and then cast in metal as two hollow halves. the issue I’m having is that shapr sees the model as a “sheet” and I cannot thicken the walls due to the complex curves in the model. is it possible to make the model solid so that I can then go ahead and shell it so that I can gain a thickness on the model. everything I try results in a failed Bolean or the app freezing needing to be closed and reopened.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi! Sheet, in this case, means the model is a surface model, not a closed solid body. Somewhere it has a hole that should be filled or repaired with specific software. Shapr3D does not have surface modeling features, if the file could not be repaired during the import, I’m afraid you should fix it in another software that has surface modeling features.