Cannot open anymore files IGES/STEP

Can’ t open anymore any file IGES/STEP from any gmail and proton mail attachments.
I have tried with a file (4.5 MB) converted from 3DM first into STEP, then into IGES.
in the previous month I always managed to convert files (up to 15MB) from RINHOCEROS 3dm into step/iges into SHAPR.

However, today when i was trying to open via SHAPR an attachment from two different email services, it appeared the initial page with the logo and the name "SHAPR3D , powered by SIEMENS and PARASOLID®, then it crush and bring me back to my ipad apps home page. I have a deadline on monday hence I need to work on a project this week! I urgently need support on this please.


So sorry for the inconvinience, please update to our latest version and this issue will be solved! 3.11.2

thank you for your prompt reply, but on my italian APP STORE the latest update is from 2 days ago and it appear to be 3.11.1. How can obtain the 3.11.2?

Just open the App Store page, and tap on “Update”.