Cannot save on One Drive anymore


for some reason, I cannot save my files on one drive anymore. The save button is grey. (see picture attached)

Can you help me with that?

Thanks and cheers,


Hi Stefan, please can you try exporting and saving a file from any other multimedia app you have installed on your device, and let’s see if this happens differently with other apps?

Can you also try saving the file first to your device and then try sending it to One drive from your device file manager?
These will help our investigation to see if this is an app-specific issue and thanks for your time.

Hi Stefan,

The issue is that the latest version of Onedrive has set onedrive in Files to read only :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I too use onedrive in my workflow and have been down the onedrive saving issue before.

All we can do is save locally and then upload from our iPads via the onedrive app. Extra frustrating step I agree, but at least it’s a way around.


I am also unable to save files to my One Drive now. All the folders show up, but the “save” button is grayed out. Saving to ipad or iCloud is fine. But I exclusively use One Drive.

Hi, @Lout was right, Microsoft set OneDrive to read-only from the Files App. Until they allow access, please save your files on the iPad and upload them manually to OneDrive