File save bug


I am currently trying to save one of my stl files to my 3rd generation iPad pro, which is up to date (13.6.1), and for some reason the file isn’t saving. I created a new folder, in which it says there is one file, but there is nothing there, and restarted the app and the iPad a couple of times. I even remade the whole design and it still won’t save. Doing a factory reset is not an option for me. Is there anything you can do to help me out?


Hi @Extra300l Welcome to the Forum
Please can you tell us where you are attempting to save the STL File, i.e., to, iCloud Desktop or ???

Armed with more information there should be a solution to your problem.

Also tell us where the STL File is Coming From, i.e., the same iPad, Laptop or other Device?

Happy S3Ding.