Cannot select certain face

Hello everybody. I just started learning Shapr3D and I am very pleased with its functionality and speed so far. But now I have encountered a problem I could not find a solution for. Now I’m here to find out whether it’s a bug or I’m “using it wrong”.

This is what I have, a simple cylinder, extruded from two circles. Now I want the cylinder to have a bottom, so I need to select and extrude both the bottom face of the cylinder (blue) and the face in between (green).
I am able to select the blue face without any problems, but it won’t let me select the green face. I tried to draw a new circle from the center to the inner edge, but even that did not work. So I’m stuck and really hope that someone can help me, otherwise I cannot proceed in my transition from Fusion360 to Shapr3D. Thanks in advance!


The easiest solution would be to use the Shell tool for this. Draw one circle, create a cylinder, select one face, and with the Shell tool, set the wall thickness.

Thanks, but what I wrote is just the “minimal” example. What if I already have a complex body and need to select the face in between? Is that possible?

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In the way you want to do it, it’s currently not.

What I would do is create a construction plane, project the outer edge of the body to it, and then use that sketch to create the new body. Later merge it to the original one if necessary, or leave it separate for further individual editing.

I would use the Extrude tool on the bottom of the piece,
Don´t forget to choose new body, then delete the hole. then union the body´s