Dimensions not being updated on M1 iPad

I have a model that I have been working on for some time. The bottom portion of the leg is a 50x50x262mm long rectangle. One end has an 87 degree bevel on it. When I updated the size by moving the beveled face. The dimension does not change. The piece changes size but the dimension is not getting updated. I closed Shapr, reopened it and the dimension was correct.

I tried it again, and moved the face by an amount I entered, and the piece changed size, but the dimension did not get updated… oddly the short edge has a value greater than the long edge. Only thing new is I just switched to an M1 based iPad.

Is this a known problem?

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I just reported this same bug! Bug report - iPad - edge measurements in 3D select

It seems to update the min distance if you select the terminal edges of the shape, but not the distance ruler of the singly selected edge on its own. I think there’s more going on with it than just not updating the dim as well. It seems to pick dims at random sometimes.