Unable to see length when drawing


Just getting into Shapr3D and I saw the sketching basics video. I see whenever the user draws anything, it displays the length of the line. I can’t seem to enable that on my iPad. I have the latest version from the App Store, is that only a pro feature? I mean I don’t see it being mentioned anywhere in the pro features list. So, how do I enable that?


Just select it. Those videos are for the 1.0 and you are using the 2.0.

You may want to start with the full tutorials, that are already updated.

Ah I see, why was the dynamic line length display removed? Seemed like a very useful feature. But thanks anyway. I’ll look at all the tutorials.

Mainly because constraints madr it unnecessary. Constraints let you make rough sketches, and finisbing them by adding constraints. But since many users miss it, we will put it back.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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Another reason to display the length as you draw is to estimate and measure-up. Critical when planning sizes. Maybe you don’t know the length something needs to be until you have a point of reference against another object.

This should defiantly be brought back. Having to tap again to see the length extends the time it takes me to draw. Updates are supposed to speed up workflow not lengthen them.

Working on it. With the next release we will bring it back.

I have to agree with the above, an add one more thing. Deselecting by taping in empty space is not available any more, is it possible to do it somehow? It irritates when I have to find selected elements, mostly lines, because one has to be super uber precise.

Yes, we will fix it.


I miss this as well, but have been using a work-around by clicking the DELETE icon which unselects everything and puts it in DELETE mode and then just clicking it again to turn it off…easier than hunting down all the selected items…