Sketch not turning blue

Can not get my sketch to turn blue, i have went over it and it looks to be closed. Is there a way to know for sure that it is closed.

We don’t show sketch fillings in 2D mode with a new update. It’s visible in 3D.

I’m still not able to make it a body to extrude

When you are done sketching, tap twice on the view cube at the top of the workspace to reset the view to 3d mode. On 3d view mode, you can select the sketch and extrude.

I have done that and it is still not allowing me to do so.

I’m not getting a face to select just the outline sketch.

Most likely the sketch is not closed. Please can you attach a screenshot?

It looks broken at this point. You can zoom in to the workspace and then connect the broken points with a line.

Thank you i dont know how I missed that.

Sure, no worries. If you have any other questions, we are here to assist.