Can't extrude or add a plane

This is an intermittent error that occurs regardless of the file I’m working on (most recently, they’ve been 7 MB to 17 MB in size).

When trying to extrude a surface (from an object or a drawing) it will sometimes work normally, sometimes only let me extrude a small amount (which I can then extend, so that’s been my work-around), and sometimes refuse to operate at all. The error message “Something went wrong but your design is intact” pops up.

It has started doing this when attempting to add an offset plane, or move one. I was able to add a plane, then select it and move it with the move tool, but now it won’t even add the plane. When I restart, the problems seem to lessen, but eventually they recur.

I’m using an iPad Pro, with whatever the most recent version is.

Hi @NDS,

Please share some specific details with us here, or in a support ticket for further investigation about the models you have the problem with.

According to your description, it may happen that some of the faces you use to create the plane are not precisely planar, so there is no option to create a plane using them. Some more details will help for sure.