Why the add plane option missing?

when I choice two face didn’t show up option “mid plane”
This option was available before
I want this option back

The option should be there (we haven’t removed it), so there’s something special going on in your case. Could you try one of two things to help us understand the problem?

  1. Export your design as a .shapr file and send it to us (publicly, to me as a private message here or using our support system)
  2. Try to add the construction plane by clicking Add/Contruction Plane and changing the type to Midplane and then trying to select the faces. Likely an error message would appear at the top of the screen when you try to select one of the faces – a screenshot of that would be great.

I find out that using iPad will get same results
If I choice face in two objects construction plane will gone

Thanks, we could reproduce the error – it only happens when the faces are on different bodies.

We will fix it soon, until then possible workarounds can be:

  1. Start the process from the Add menu, choose the Midplane type construction plane there and then select the two faces
  2. After selecting the two faces, use the command search to search for “midplane” and add the plane that way.