Cant figure this out . Help please

Yes its mostly when you need to visiualise the diffrent colors/materials its time consuming to pick on at s time.
Its easy to select all. But in my picture i have several inlays thr need correct direktion in woods and also need to select one at a time.
Layers would be one good thing to have .
Then you can select all you want and put them in a layer that you can hide and unhide when you want to use it.

You can compensate for the kerf of the laser in the laser software by setting the offset.

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@CurlyBee @Jonas

This is how I would approach it…

Now you can experiment easily with different materials.

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Nice implementation with patterns!

Not how it works in Shapr3D. In SketchUp, if you were to raise the first surface 1/32", then just double-click on other shapes, it will also raise them 1/32". You could also use inferences, which are powerful for alignment. Use the Push/Pull tool to extrude the first surface, click once and drag the next surface along the same axis, but hovering over the previously raised surface to “adopt” the same height.

I would LOVE to see Shapr3D implement inferences…the current align functionality is nothing like inferences.

A video I did using inferences and components:

Official SketchUp video I did for Google back in 2015 on Inferences:

“Extrude to” is already in the HBPM beta:

Not sure what “HBPM” beta is.

I just tried this on my iPad and it did not do what you’re showing. I have two boxes…I want to extrude one box and stop on the same plane as the face of the second box. In SketchUp, you would extrude the first box’s face, and hovering over the face of the other box would stop the extrusion on the same plane.

I see you’re on the Mac version. I don’t use the desktop version…only the iPad version. I’m still having difficulty trying to use key commands on my Mac and I am not comfortable with the navigation. I keep going back to the iPad.

How were you able to insert a video? Uploaded unlisted to YouTube.

I just tried it on my Mac and it’s exactly the same issue…

I just realized that something called "TestFlight on my iPad is NOT related to my drone, but instead has something to do with beta software, and Shapr3D is maybe using that? But when I looked into it, it said that I needed to back up my models and that everything could be lost. So I’ve never tried it.

You are using the live version.
I recorded the video of the beta version: Shapr3D Parametric Beta
I wanted to show you that we have already added this feature and becomes live by the release of the parametric beta.

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I see that the iPad version or Mac version go through TestFlight. Like I wrote a minute ago, if it has anything to do with TestFlight, that says be careful because it can wipe out all your models…that’s my main concern.

Is there a mechanism to back up everything? Or do I have to go into every file and save them out?


Okay, I cannot figure out how to save out the Shapr3D files to a folder on my Mac. I created a folder in the Finder and tried to drag them, tried to share them, and tried to export. None of those work. I know I can save a file out to the cloud on my iPad, but I have a lot of files.

It’s a different app. Beta cloud storage is separated. It does not affect your live version models. BUT, it’s a beta version, do not rely fully on this yet, things can break, it’s under development :slight_smile: (Also note that beta and live version models are not compatible as shapr format)
Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 05.54.26

So I’m fine if I start on new models but don’t try to open my existing ones?

I did finally find a way to export the file on my Mac.

Your existing models can be opened, but of course they won’t have history at that moment. But every new operations are going to be have history steps

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Here’s the issue I run into on my iPad. There aren’t two separate apps…it’s trying to replace my current app with the beta one, and it says I can lose the app’s data. By data, I assume that this meant all my models in the cloud, also.

Oh my mistake. I thought the blue beta is available. Sorry.

I keep getting beta notifications, but there was nothing in TestFlight. I tried downloading from the website where it said “History Based Parametric Modeling” (oh DUH, that’s what HBPM means). TestFlight crashed, and when it came back up I had an invite. Thanks so much, @Zoli!