Cant figure this out . Help please

I am trying to draw a marquetry patern but cant get it correct.

Included are picture of what im trying to achive but the inner and outer curves are different sizes.

Must be tired since ive tried a while now and even asked my son to help calculate the length of them so they fit tight

I started with a circle then three lines out from center and the have 120degree angle between them.

Each part lookes like this and are in 3 different wood types and when fitted togeather they make a 3d looking patern.

Jonas…great idea! I love marquetry.

Did you by chance use the pattern feature? Let me check it out really quickly.

Okay, one thing I’m finding…I can create the sketch lines, and use the pattern function to get them lined up. However, if I extrude them and try to align them after extruding, it becomes an issue. Still working on it.

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Try to redraw your sketches. I think you need this type of sketches. Circle and the hexagon will help.
It will align with the pattern tool.


I did similar…although I created the circle, then drew a line and rotated 60°. My circle was 4mm, then the diameter of the arcs cutting into it were also 4mm in diameter…

  1. Create 4mm circle and make lines that have 60° between them.
  2. Create a 4mm circle and move it into position…it intersects two points on the outside of the circle as shown.
  3. Use the trim tool to remove the rest of the circle.
  4. Copy these arcs around.
  5. Remove extra lines.
  6. Rotate the piece, create a vertical line that intersects the center.
  7. Copy the lines around.


Thank you both for the help .
I was tired and now understand what i did wrong.

Marqetry is fun and this is going to be a new patern for me to use in furniture and box making.

Thank again .

I will post a picture later on after i hace made it in wood

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I just picked up an xTool P2 laser cutter, and one of the things I want to use it for is for bowties and marquetry. Is that cheating? :smiley: I figure I can make the router template with the laser cutter, then cut the actual bowties from walnut or ebony. I know there’s a kerf to figure out, but I’m kind of excited about the possibilities. We have a pretty live edge wood table that the builder just glued up and didn’t use biscuits or anything…we live in a very dry climate, and it’s starting to crack. Hmmm…maybe an excuse to buy one of those Festool joinery thingies.

And because it’s 1:30 a.m. on a Saturday, and I can’t sleep, here’s a quick and dirty video of how I made the pattern. Anyone want to chime in on the best way to extrude this? I extruded them, but couldn’t get them to line up correctly…and these circles are small, a whopping 4mm. Use whatever dimension you’d like, but when you create the pattern, multiple the circle diameter by three to get the overall dimension.


I see several steps i missed and just learned how to do.
You made it look so easy :slight_smile:
Yesterday me and a friend talked about this on the phone and he has a laser on his cnc so he tried to cut out som on veneer but then we figured out all the errors because the did not fit.

I am going to cut it out on my laser also and also hand cut them just for fun.

If you cut them out on laser you need to compensate for the laser also to make it a snugg fit.

I live in Sweden and was upp all night trying to figure out what i did wrong.
Now its 10am here and ill try follow your video.

Thanx for explaining it so good and taking the time to help

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Now i tried it and all work nicely


Little snuff box is one of the things im going to make for a friend


Great video CurlyBee.


That’s GORGEOUS, Jonas!!!

Did you have to extract the pieces? That’s probably a feature request…something I appreciate with SketchUp. If you extract something (push/pull tool), then double-click the next surface, it will repeat the push/pull operation. Then you can close the object as a component, and it’s easy to repeat. I used this technique a lot when designing tile patterns.

Whew! Good thing I didn’t use the US measurement system! I had a woodworking class once where we spent two whole class sessions (4 hours!) learning how to convert imperial measurements to decimal inches. A girl from Sweden was in our class and laughed the entire time.

I’m usually using CAD for jewelry design these days, hence the reason I started out so small (4mm!!). Luckily, it scaled up.

And I don’t know the kerf of my xTool P2 yet, but I think it’s a 55w CO2 laser and not as fine as some of the diode lasers. It’s hiding in the garage under some boxes because I haven’t told my husband I bought it yet. :grimacing:

Please share with us the final snuff box when you’re done, if you don’t mind. Beautiful design. :heart:

Thanks, Stephen! I learned that if I’m recording late at night my voice is super low… :smiley:

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Yes i had to check them all separetly but then you can raise all checked.

I saw you use zbrush i think its called and i was trying that a while back but just played arround .
That is a massive software to learn.
I ended upp with a cool skull ring for a friend that i 3d printed out as a test.

Yeah i know how that gurl must have felt.
I am in a cnc class online and all is in inches all the time.
I just use a converter online to get the rough measurements while we are live.

I know the feeling on buying stuff and not telling people :slight_smile:
As a woodworker and furniture maker you need to always buy new machines.
My acountant asked why i need 2lasers, 4computers ,3d printers, cnc maching , and all the hand tools :slight_smile:
Ill post a picture here on the marquetry and snuffbox when they are done.

I also just started drawing on whiskey smoker tools to sell in sweden.

Might go to workshop today to cut some out.
Sadly i have to go to the other side of Stockholm city to get to my workshop .
Would have been nuce to have closer as my friend has he just need to go downstairs

Here are 2 other paterns i drew.
Just love the 3d effect.


Here is some pictures from today st workshop


Hello CurlyBee and Jonas.

Nice algorithm for developing the pattern. :slight_smile:
I also miss that aspect of SU’s Push/Pull tool. To extrude the pieces, could you select each of them, then execute the extrude on the entire selection? The Extrude arrow only shows on the last item selected, but all should move in unison. I’ve done this rather than select/extrude one-by-one in some of my previous projects…

Jonas, how large are the pieces? Can/did you cut/punch them out with a carving gouge?

Now, I want to get back into marquetry…

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I’m not sure if I understand correctly, but this is exactly how it works now in Shapr3D. You can select multiple planar profiles and extrude them once.

Hello Istvan.

To clarify, in the explanation video CurlyBee was individually selecting a part then extruding it. This process was repeated multiple times to extrude each piece. They were asking for a “quicker” method…
Since I didn’t see a response to this question, I answered with this.


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