I’m having a lot of trouble with this app trying to do the simplest of things! I am trying to make geometric shapes by stating with a square and trimming. The shape is basically a 45 mm2 square with an 18mm2 section taken from the bottom corner - it won’t stay straight. I am making the square then trying to draw the 18mm lines to trim but they won’t go straight, it’s always 18.001+/- like it wont snap, why does it do this? Can anyone tell me? Also, it is incredibly labour intensive just making a square as if I don’t lock each corner, when I do manage to get the 18mm bit straight, the rest goes out of true…

I have managed to get the shape I want (there’s more to it than the above) but then grouping it is not possible unless it is 3 dimensional.

I have managed to do things with this app but seemingly randomly as I try and do them again and the behaviour is different

It feels like I am missing an integral concept that would solve all of my issues, perhaps some gestures that I am unfamiliar with.

Am I even right in thinking this would enable me to design furniture or is it simply a sketch your ideas program?

I am confident this app can do what I need it to but without some basic tutorials I don’t think I’ll be investing in the pro version just yet

I’m having so much trouble with it it’s difficult to know where to start without just writing on this forum every five minutes,


Can you post a picture of what you are trying to create? Or videos of the issues you have?

It’s really hard to tell what goes wrong by reading just simple text.

Thanks for replying to both of my posts! I think I’ve figured a lot out, I’ll post my creation when completed. I’m actually thinking this will be quicker than sketchup which is superb. I’ll see how it goes but I suspect I’ll be buying the pro version at the end of the month. Thanks for your help here…

Sure, any time you need help, just let us know!