Can't Install Shapr 5.0 for Win either standalone or from Microsoft shop

Currently, the Shaper 0.32.31557.0 is installed on a Win 10 (21H1 update) machine, but in either ways it is not possible to install Shapr 5.0

The standalone install fails with this err message (partly in Italian, but says that there is different installation file with the same name… if that makes sense at all):

App installation failed with error message: Impossible installare il pacchetto Shapr3D.Shapr3D_5.0.32049.0_neutral_~dvv5p1vgwv6mp. È già installato un pacchetto Shapr3D.Shapr3D_0.32.31557.0_neutral~j403pzjkqtqbj diverso con lo stesso nome. Prima di eseguire l’installazione, rimuovere il pacchetto Shapr3D.Shapr3D_0.32.31557.0_neutral~_j403pzjkqtqbj. (0x80073cf3)

While from Microsoft store says that it is already installed…

Any clue? All previous Win version installed on top older ones (from microsoft store) without problems.

I reply to myself: solved, I installed from the microsoft store after I logged into the store… :roll_eyes:

Frankly I don’t remember that the other times I was logged in. But again, the standalone installer didn’t work (unlogged), but I don’t expect to be logged into the store to use it, otherwise it would deny the usefullness of standaloness…

Thanks for reporting the issue, we will investigate!