Can't see line dimensions

In the new version I can’t see the length of the lines I draw. This info displayed along the top in the previous version

Select them. Now you can even add constraints to it.

This is my usual experience but in the new version the dimension is not showing when selecting a line.

Upon selecting a line the new tools are shown but nowhere on the screen is the length of the line.

Edit: Ok you have to tap it again?! It doesn’t auto show dimensions after drawing, I have to double tap…feels weird. Hopefully I’ll get used to it

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It is not intuitive, I thought this too… also the angle, you need to select both lines to see it, and I kept accidently drawing lines trying to get to that point… learning curve I think. The problem is, the tutorials show older versions, which don’t have constraints, and show the orange back ground and dimensions too, etc, and you can’t see the buttons being depressed to use certain tools…

We have just updated the tutorials on the website.

Thanks. Keep up the good work…

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