Measurements as a Permanent Readout

I am struggling to make use of the measurement tools in a useful way. In this video (3D modeling a metal brooch | Shapr3D step-by-step - YouTube) the instructor shows the dimensions and says “If you want, you can show them as a permanent readout”. On Windows, I am not able to reproduce this.
Lastly, when I have a simple box, with the dimensions showing on ie. a horizontal line because I would like to resize the line (or box), as soon as I select the other axis of the box to drag it wider, the relevant measurement disappears and the app shows the measurement from the line I just grabbed.
Thanks for any tips.

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Hi @Beeker,

we recently changed the display logic of constrained dimensions. In the Constraint Settings menu you can choose between seeing all of them all the time or only the ones relevant for the selected geometries.


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Hi Matyi, thanks for the quick update! Unfortunately, what I’m seeing doesn’t align with that.

Changing between Selection based, and Show all has no effect.