Feature request: Option to only show dimension for selected object


Is it just me, or does the new ipad version show more info??

Looks to me like all locked dimensions are shown as soon as you select anything. I don’t recall previous version doing this. And it becomes quite annoying if you have many dimension. To a point where you can’t even find the box for the selected item.

This might be something that was requested, but it should have been accompanied with an on/off slider like the “Show constraints” or some other way to hide it… Otherwise it’s just in the way if you ask me.
In several cases I’ve had to click each dimension box again and “unlocking” it, just to declutter the screen to be able to work…

So Dear Shapr3D. If you want to hold us hostage as beta users, you need to do two thing.

  1. lower you price to right around ZERO.
  2. Give us a way to go back to the previous version.

PS. Testflight works great for beta testing. Also for real users. :slight_smile:

Hi @jnygaard.dk

This is something that has not changed for years. I may misunderstand you though, but all the locked dimensions become visible when you start editing a sketch, this is how it works since ~2018 if I recall correctly.

My bad if that’s the case.

The last 3 designs I have made, I’ve been overwhelmed by a dimension flood. Did something change so they are automatically “locked” when you set them?? I’d think they also always did that, but don’t actually recall.

No, not really, it’s been like that forever.

OK. It IS my bad.
Just went back and looked at some old designs and they look normal (as I remember) with dimension.

By coincidence I just happened to be working on two new and different projects right after installing the new ver. And both with a ton of objects close together and therefore the all the overlapping labels.

I’ll change this thread to a feature request to be able to “hide dimensions for non-selected items”. Or “only show selected dimension”

Test/use case: Make 10 concentric circles, 20-120 mm, in 10 mm step. And cut them to 90, 100, 110 ect degree arc segments.

One of our teams is working on sketching related usability improvements, I’m sure they are looking into this as well. Thanks for the feedback, I’ve forwarded it to them.

Just adding my voice to this request. I too am struggling to edit a sketch plane because the display is littered with locked dimensions.

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