Casual user. Will my files be saved if I depart after a monthly plan and resubscribe later>

As a potentially casual user, I’m wondering if I opt for the monthly plan if my created files will be saved in the Shapr3D system if I do not renew my subscription every month but for example I subscribe every other month?

Hi, all designs are saved locally to your device. After your subscriptions expire the designs will be locked( you will not be able to access them) except for the last two created designs.

You can access other designs any time you will like to renew and start using the Pro version again.

Hi, so there is no minimum, a month here, a month there is okay, correct? Thanks.

Hi, yes, the shortest subscription plan is the monthly plan. You can cancel it per month and renew the subscription anytime you want to use the app again.

Thanks for your help!

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