Monthly subscription cancellation - saved projects

Hello community,

as a ocassional Shapr3d user, I’d like to purchase monthly subscription so I can work on my projects for few days and then, after maybe few months get back to my old projects.
What will happen to my cloud stored projects when my monthly subscription cancels?

Will it be possible to get back to my previous projects after subscribing to monthly again after some time?


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Yes, you can cancel and reactivate your sub anytime. Your data will stay safe and secure in the Shapr3D Cloud.

Been off for some time now but have been waiting to get back in again with a product I like.
A simple issue like disabling/isolating the sketches folder seems to be years ahead and the Beta does not either seem to be dealing with the issue at all. Why on earth?

Now, how do I cancel subscription and get back in once I see more of the product I’d like to pay more for? Please?!

Weeks of Covid here but I’m strong enough to say that I will continue paying for my subscription if only at least to support the most industry changing product I’ve seen. Thanks for the Forum support as well!
I hope to see development that keeps me working with Shapr as many other programs will vhange for the better as well.

Now, two additions I would like to see. One being a simple section view plane we can move dynamically through one additional click under Section View. Maybe even rotate it with my fingers or my Spacemouse in my Windows version.

The other giving ability to disable view of sketches, images etcetera… That being folders, not subfolders. Completely as others have requested as well.

Please, is all I can say with that wish. :+1:

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