What happens when Pro account expires?

If I cancel a monthly Pro subscription do I lose access to my designs?


I am confused too.

Until now we haven’t locked designs when the subscription expired, but from now we will. Two workspaces will still be available. But we are not deleting your data or anything like that, if you reactivate your subscription, the workspaces will be available again.

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What if all workspaces would be available with no edit controls?

Also please consider in-app purchase for one new design. I’m a hobbyist and can’t justify a Pro subscription, but I would pay per-design.

What are you using the product for as a hobbyist?

Designing a garden fence, a play house, closet storage, etc.

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I would like to better understand your use-case, what are these models for? Are they just for fun?

Yes! I’m just doing some projects around the house and modeling them for fun. I was making models using Fusion 360, but it is nice to do them on my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. I like your app but I can’t justify the Pro subscription for projects around the house. I’m a software developer, so I understand you are making a big investment in the software and need to feed your families! I would pay per-workspace to add new projects and maybe pay per-workspace to add some features like coloring. I wrote a long review about this in the app store.

Keep up the good work!



This came a bit of a surprise and luckily the most relevant model is still available. Hope you manage to find a better hobbyist pricing model. I also understand you need to make a living, and we hobbyists aren’t your main market.
I drew my verandah with Shapr3D if you are wondering.

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Istvan, I, too, am a Pro subscriber and do not work professional (that is, I am just a hobbyist and often go a month or more without using the software), but, I thought that my previous subscription fee of around $150 US would continue without a major increase. The new $240 pricing is hard to justify for an eighty-one-year-old guy. Since I am now on a very limited budget the idea of an alternate plan at a much lower fee is looking very much like a necessity.

However, I see the difficulty that arranging for such a special pricing presents for you, Istvan, and am resigned to the probability that I will not be renewing at the end of the current paid period.



Hi Sid,

When we raised the price, all the existing subscribers stayed on the old price. So if you subscribed for $150, you will stay on $150, don’t worry :slight_smile:


Hi, Istvan. Looks as though I missed my iPhone prompt last May to renew my Pro subscription. After all that time (today is the 18th of December), I can’t open Shapr and obviously need to pay up. Please ask someone to contact me with instructions as to how to expedite my payment. Many thanx!

Hi Sid, I see that you have an active Pro subscription valid until 2020-05-10. Please log in to the app with your email address and password as shown in the attached screen recording to access the Pro features.

If the issue persists, send me an email at victor@shapr3d.com and I would be glad to see this through to ensure you regain full access.

Thanx, Victor. Funny thing was that when I attempted to log in, after being a “no-show” for six months, I got a notice suggesting that I was no longer a user and that was as far as I could get in logging in. Since posts here only show the month and day (not the year), I assumed that my subscription had expired. At my advanced age, time has a sneaky way of being rather elusive in this sort of situation. I greatly appreciate your help in setting me straight. And, I am certainly pleased that I don’t owe you folks any money at this time.

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I stayed as a subscriber @25 USD per month since 2019 because I see the value now and the exciting value in the future. It’s a great product now and I think it will get better each few months. I am just helping and encouraging this great software!

I had to wait until Shapr went on sale. I may have to drop when the price increases as COVID has tanked my business. I’m mostly a hobbyist user for my Prusa Printer. I’m working on some ideas but they may not pan out.
Using my down time to learn and create.

So if I cannot pay I lose access to my current designs? Shouldn’t they be available at least in a locked state: Exportable in parts or full, but not changeable?

If I cannot afford Amazon Prime, I don’t lose my content I paid for. Just saying.

This is one very good reason I am against subscriptions. My Atom3D is paid for. It’s mine. I don’t like it near as much, but it’s mine.


You can export all your designs as 3D printable objects, or export them as Shapr3D to iCloud or other file systems. Those remain yours. The STL files can be used on your slicers. The Shapr3D files would remain intact until you reestablished your Shapr3D account, no?