What happens when Pro account expires?


If I cancel a monthly Pro subscription do I lose access to my designs?



I am confused too.


Until now we haven’t locked designs when the subscription expired, but from now we will. Two workspaces will still be available. But we are not deleting your data or anything like that, if you reactivate your subscription, the workspaces will be available again.

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What if all workspaces would be available with no edit controls?

Also please consider in-app purchase for one new design. I’m a hobbyist and can’t justify a Pro subscription, but I would pay per-design.


What are you using the product for as a hobbyist?


Designing a garden fence, a play house, closet storage, etc.


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I would like to better understand your use-case, what are these models for? Are they just for fun?


Yes! I’m just doing some projects around the house and modeling them for fun. I was making models using Fusion 360, but it is nice to do them on my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. I like your app but I can’t justify the Pro subscription for projects around the house. I’m a software developer, so I understand you are making a big investment in the software and need to feed your families! I would pay per-workspace to add new projects and maybe pay per-workspace to add some features like coloring. I wrote a long review about this in the app store.

Keep up the good work!


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