Will models remain if subscription runs out

Hi there,

unfortunately, the price for hobby use is way too high, or there is still no reasonable subscription plan for hobby users.

So if I buy a one-month subscription here and there, will my models stay or is the account wiped as soon as the sub runs out?


No, we don’t (and can’t) delete your data from your device.

So with the basic plan I don’t have unlimited models. Which models will remain editable once I go back to basic plan?

Maybe my last message wasn’t well described.

What I mean is, if I purchase a subscription for one month, I can edit/have an unlimited amount of designs.

If I cancel my subscription, I can have two designs.

If you say my designs will not get deleted, which designs can be edited, after going back to the basic plan? Just the first two I’m editing again and the others will get locked?

Thanks for clarifying.

Hello, the last designs you have opened will be considered as the last edited designs. All the other designs except for the last two edited will be locked. If you delete one of the two, the third latest edit will be unlocked. Is this what you were looking for? :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks.