Center-Line Off Center

I’m doing the Loft command and the outcome isn’t right. Please advise why the ellipse center is not on the center line?
The ellipse was built from the ellipse tool and centered on the right default plane like all the other sections of the Loft.
I tried starting the Loft build from both ends and still get the same result.
What is wrong with this build?

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You can move the “white dots” before you complete the loft.
Here is a complex lofted body, at 3.12 sec I also moving the dots.
Unfortunetly the snaping not work yet…

Thanks for the input JST. I tried moving the dots, but they would just bounce back to their original point. I had to split the ellipse in half, then insert the Loft.
Their is always a work. Unfortunately it adds complexity to the model.