Wrong Loft between spline and ellipsoïde sections


I am trying to loft between two complexe faces with Béziers curves, and I have weird results:
The top and bottom parts do not lift the same way, and I think both ways are wrong.

I would expect the the wides points of both parts to be joined, and the tallest points of both parts to be joined, but that doesn’t seem to be happening here.
Attached are the sections, top view and bottom views of the resulting loft

image image image

Did you try to move the control points of the loft?

I tried, but then other points move as well, like pushing railcars on a train track.

Can you post a video?

I drag the rightmost point to the edge of the ellipsoïde and when I release the pencil, the selected point snaps back instantly . Also other points seem to be dragged as well. https://global.discourse-cdn.com/business7/uploads/shapr3d/original/2X/1/191b4c8a35abf5c1764a98d7f1cfcc7141ee72b7.MOV

If I do a loft from a quarter of the section to the opposite quarter section then the loft is successful. Now I just have to hope there is no 0.001 mm deviation from vertical or horizontal hidden in the shapes.

image image

Why hope? Zoom, zoom, zoom out and see.