Loft grid line

Hello, im beginner But I had studied 3D tool, Btw I have one question about loft function.

Because it is not circle so I can’t use spin tool.
So I use loft and I want to make body according to that blue Line(looks like guide line)
But this lofted body is distorted.
Would you plz give me solutions? Thank you.

It appears you have broken Shapr3D :joy:

Please describe your goal. More information needed to better help you.

Are you making a flattened sphere?

Copy paste other 4 lofted sketches at 45 degree
If that doesn’t work redo your work
Then copy paste other 8 lofted sketches with 30 degree in between each sketch

Loft tool will only try to reach next sketch in a shortest path while maintaining the validity of the created shape

So if the angle between will create corners it won’t do it

In your case the shortest path is almost straight line

At least what I think it is . :upside_down_face: