Centering a group on another face

New to Shapr… but I’m trying to take a group of letters (extruded into shapes) and center them on to a rectangular face.

I initially added the text to the face but there were some spacing issues between the letters. I extruded them and then adjusted their spacing. Now the alignment is slightly off. Even though they in a group… shapr forces you to pick one of the shapes to use as the main object to use in the alignment. Its pretty easy when the letters are odd… but when they are even its damn near impossible. Any help would be appreciated.

When adding text, I have found it’s easier to create the text, correcting spacing in between the letters first, then positioning the text block, before clicking OK. I also make each row a separate body of text. And worst case, individual letters if needed. I do all this before extruding the letters. I’ve attached an example of a cookie stamp, where letter spacing was very different than the font characteristics.
Creating separate lines or characters allows me to have more options for moving the text around, and then extruding the letters once I’m satisfied with the layout.

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Oh man, that works better. I wasn’t aware they the letters in the plane where moveable. Once I made the plane I jumped right into extruding. This changes everything. Thanks for your help.

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You can also create a small extrusion that matches the bounding dimension of the sketch, then align the sketch with the additional extrusion.