Chamfer/ fillet

Can is remove the chamfer or fillet from a imported 3d model?

You may have to find the right order of removing the features to avoid invalid results, but yes, fillets and chamfers can be deleted from imported bodies if they are not meshes

Bit of a follow up suggestion off this. Rather than having the only workflow to remove being [select the fillet / chamfer] + [delete]; having this same function run when the value of the the fillet / chamfer is set to “0 units”, may be far more intuitive especially for new users. And reduces the number of taps. This would likely be useful in the MacOS version as well as the tablet version.

When I first started out using Shaper, pulling out a fillet to what would have been a radius of 0x led me to believe removing a chamfer / fillet was not possible. And I would regularly rebuild the object.