Can’t chamfer or fillet the simplest of objects

After trying a multitud of ways to solve this, I must say it has been impossible to chamfer or fillet a simple edge in an object. The chamfering/filleting tool has been working so irregularly and unpredictably that it ends up costing so much time trying to advance. Thank you!

Can you post a picture or a video of the issue?

Can you also share the file in .shapr format? If you don’t want to share it publicly, you can send it to

We’re you able to do a fillet or a chamfer at the very begin of the session, the reason I ask is it looks like you have a double line selected. Try to zoom in as far as possible and see if you have a slightly double edge, if so delete one of them. Then try the fillet or chamfer. Hope this helps

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Thank you very much. Indeed, when zooming in “a lot” I realize that previous chamfer operation was not “undone” properly… I realize that it happens (to me) often, when trying to undo a chamfer or fillet. Is there a way to solve this type of dead-end in terms of chamfering/filleting, and then undoing them?

Hi, if there are remaining pieces of the un-chamfered faces, the chamfered face can simply be selected and deleted. If there is no remaining piece of the un-chamfered face, you should cut and extend the body to get to the un-chamfered state:

Thank you very much. I didn’t know I had such level of editing “control” on a body’s surface. I assumed the delete function for sketching only. Simply thanks. I’d been going around for hours trying to “undo” a chamfer/filet fully and correctly to apply later chamfers/fillets.