Remove all Fillets

I have a finished part that I would like to modify a bit but the fillets that were added are not allowing me to easily make changes. Is there a way to just remove all of these objects at once because trying to remove them manually on a complex part keeps failing and selecting them all manually at once is tedious at best.


I have a model and referred to it in a video I posted in another thread. But I’ve gone through and selected manually every fillet on the part but when I hit delete it says it will result in invalid model and won’t let me do it. Nothing I do seems to work and I evidently can’t tweak geometry without first removing the fillets?


Hi @Cybercrypt13, sometimes when a geometry is really complex, fillet removal may fail, but in this specific case it should work well. Can you post a screenshot maybe of the fillets you select when you try to remove them?