Cnc plasma table

I’ve been using and loving Shapr3D for all of my 3D modeling for 3D printing. I also have a cnc plasma table in my shop that uses Mach 3 to run. The software in there now is sheet cam and doesn’t feel intuitive at all. Is there a way to model my 2d sheet metal cuts in a model then import it as g code into Mach 3? Anyone have experience doing this either with a cnc plasma table or any type of 2d cnc routing or cutting system? Thanks for the help

I don’t think that is possible using Shapr3D alone. From what I understand Shapr3D doesn’t have the ability to create GCode from a model. You would need to create a model, upload it to a program that you could then create a .dxf from the model, and then you would still have to use sheet cam to create the tool path (g-code) to run in Mach3. You might try looking into Fusion360 or VCarve.

Ok thanks, I’ve been trying to learn inventor pro or fusion 360 but was hoping I could just use shapr3d because it’s just a lot easier for me to use at this point