Using Shapr3d with cnc?

im getting a onefinity cnc machine and i want to use shapr3d to create but what else will i need to actaully create the tool path? iv seen a lot of softwares and they look like they havent been updated since the 90’s anyone have any input?

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Start here: Search results for 'software' - Onefinity Forum

You need a CAM processor. Should come with one (I frown on companies that don’t provide a basic system).

Good place to find learning material Best CAD/CAM Software for CNC Machining Beginners [2020]

Also look here.


I’m in a time crunch for parts, and spent time learning and designing with Shapr3d which is so intuitive. I went back to Fusion360 to use CAM functions and honestly was getting quite frustrated with user interfaces. I used Meshcam to cut some initial parts which worked well, but I have some very complicated plastic parts that it is not recognizing all the tiny pockets and slots.
I’ve looked at maybe a dozen CAM options…ugh.
Your link to may have just saved me. It is intuitive, like Shapr3d. I’m downloading it today to test… will update on findings. But based on their instructions, videos it looks like the right balance between overly priced engineering tools and overly basic free tools.