Shapr 2.2 - COLORS - BETA testers wanted!

Shapr3D 2.2 BETA is here - with a new, quite often requested feature: colors!

If you would like to participate in beta testing, just comment here “Count me in!”



Count us in
Please :slight_smile:

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Count me in please I need color.

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Count me in.
Missing thuis version in TestFlight.
Need invit code?


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Really like the new colors feature - and ability to set the transparency. Just been going through some of my previous models and colouring them in! Only thing I noticed, having coloured in a model and going back to the gallery screen, then reloading the model previously coloured, it seems to lose its colour and go back to just grey - am I doing something wrong? Anyway, great addition to Shapr!


No you are not, it should save it, we will fix this asap :slight_smile:

Count me in! Thank you!

Am I missing the question on import for new or add to current workspace?

When you import from your active ws, it imports into it. Importing from the workspace selector screen imports into a new ws.

Guys, one of the reasons why we do beta testing is to get feedback, to be able to tweak the new features, and understand your needs better. So any feedback would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Funny was just going to post and saw your post here Istvan
The implementation is working well
The fixed color palette and eye dropper are very nice and necessary features
Thank you!
But again being able to color or fade a whole group or at once would be appreciated! :blush:

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Thanks for the feedback.

There was a direction where you could change the group color from the “shapes tab” but we had to solve it without having this window always around and taking too much space from your precious canvas. We are planning to change and simplify all tool interfaces. The “Color tool” is the first one. The bad news is that it seems like the current implementation fails because you couldn’t discover how to select a whole group within the “color tool” :frowning:
Btw would it be handy to be able to deselect all objects if you tap on canvas?

Changing group alpha seems doable, but it won’t change the alpha value in the given color itself, but it would act like a “global” value. So if you give a shape a color with 50% alpha and then you change the alpha of that shape’s group to 50% as well, the final result you’d get is 25% alpha for that shape.

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You all are soooooo smart!
You know, sometimes the problem is not knowing what is and isn’t possible
Once you made mention that it was possible to change a whole group from the color menu we looked and saw it
Even highlighted in blue (maybe a red, but recognizing that it is a link/drop down the blue is consistant)
Thank you very much for all your thought and effort! :blush:

Hey! :blush:
How does one get back to the default gray color?
Is the color eye dropper working?

Might this work for you all? :blush:

Not for the smaller 9,7 inch iPad Pro model. :wink:

"How does one get back to the default gray color?"
Glad someone asked. Changing the saturation is not included in the current version, we are exploring ways to add this. A workaround is if you draw a new shape and pick that color with the eye dropper.

"Is the color eye dropper working?"
Yes, it’s working, but does not have any clear visualization in the current beta. You’ll have it in the next one.

But! :blush:
We were working off the template of your normal interface
Not having a 9.7 Pro around we can’t test it, but this would still be consistent with the majority of your interface, yes?
The Group pallet is moveable so it doesn’t have to obstruct pertinent objects
Just feel that once you start introducing exceptions you loose the rhythm of muscle memory
Even to the sacrifice of optimizing screen real estate, the value of being consistent with the overall feel we think would makeup for the sacrifice
Just a thought! :blush:

@Zoli_Shapr3D — Being able to unselect by tapping on the canvas would be helpful.