Need ways to better organize the history tree

First Trial to build several bodies in a file (BETA). yes, all the steps were recorded, but they appeared on the same tree, that maybe too difficult for me to edit later.

Thanks for the feedback! What would be your preferred way of organizing the steps?

i’ve just figured out that if i select a “solid” body, all those unrelated commands will be hidden on the history tree. Yes, it can help me find out the suitable parameter and edit it.
But it looks strange that the ordering sequence of command history (on the left) is opposite to that of item list (on the right). Why? The first “command” is on the top but the first “item” is at the bottom.

Yes. Same happens when you isolate a selection.

The items menu is not an ordered list, doesn’t matter which order you have the items there. It’s a “library” of everything you have in your design.
Regardless it would be nice to have the same default order, great feedback, thank you.

Yes, “Isolate” is another good command. It can highlight the selected body on screen, and more importantly, new commands will not affect other bodies until the “isolate” is set back to off.

But if possible, i prefer other bodies being dimmed (semi-transparent) instead of completely invisible. In many cases, i need their shapes as a reference.

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is it possible to open a space in this forum for us to share modeling tutorials?

i am going to organize and summarize my modeling steps of the above watch, and build a pdf tutorial (free to download) for comment and further discussions.

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