connect planes


how would be the best practice to intersect all visible surfaces/planes with each other?



Hi Eike,

I might not be answering the right question here but I’m presuming that you want to close those gaps? There’s no bridging in Shapr3D but there’s a few options.

Extruding faces works but can be fiddly to be accurate quickly.

Translate tool works well, i]you can choose a face and then choose the translate tool. Drag from one face to the face you want it to touch.

Replace Face. Probably the most efficient way if I’ve understood your problem. Simply click a face, click Replace Face and then choose the face you want it to touch.

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Hi Shaun,

thanks for your feedback. Some how it’s possible that way. But it is still a little fiddly :wink:

Still looking for the best and time saving workflow…