Align Faces to Plane

I am making this kit card. I drew the plane assembled but now I am moving all the parts to produce the card.

Is there a way to align a set of faces to the “exact” same plane?

I know I can slice everything but that would mess up the fit of the parts.

Here is an example of the errors where the red parts are too high.

Make a large solid surface below and align to it and then delete it?

Thanks @Oregonerd

I tried the alignment tool but I think I am missing something important for how to make it do what I need. Not sure if it matters but each “piece” of the plane is in its own folder.

Is it possible that Replace Face will do the trick for you? I know it will make the components a bit thicker, but refitting the cutouts could be faster this time

I think that is fine although I was really hoping for a translation along an axis and not an additive or subtractive solution.

I did go through and select all the faces to “replace face” and for some reason, I don’t have a done button. I will go back and do it piece meal and see if that works.

Looks like selecting the body does not allow me to replace the face.

I am afraid that the fillet along the vertical causes the issue :confused:

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