Snapping when extruding


I am purely a hobbyist and also totally new to Shapr3D, having used Fusion360 quite extensively in the past. Happy to give my money to a company that seems to care about its users… I now have to get used to the direct modelling concept.

So, I was wondering if there is supposed to be a way of “snapping” to the edge of another solid when extruding a new solid? I did not get any guides appearing and so far I zoom in real far and kind of eyeball it.

It’s coming in Q1.

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Hi @droussel, until the release, the Replace Face tool can be a useful workaround


I DID NOT know replace face could be used in parallel with another surface like that… never even thought to use it like that! :astonished:
I’ve only been using it to join faces together!

Awesome :+1:t2: